CCSWG14 Preview

[updated: 2/13] The Critical Code Studies Working Group (Feb 23-March 23) is the biannual summit for the major developments in code studies.  The group tends to be an interdisciplinary mix of scholars and artists with a wide range of specialties.  Here’s a sneak peek at a few of the members who will be joining us for CCSWG14 in addition to our featured presenters.  Applications are due Feb 15th.

Invited & Featured Participants (partial list)

David M. Berry
Wendy Chun
Damon Loren Baker
Stephanie Boluk
Evan Buswell
Geoff Cox & Alex McLean (authors of Speaking Code)
N. Katherine Hayles
Steve Klabnik
Adeline Koh
Patrick LeMieux
Pierre Levy
Elizabeth Losh
Judy Malloy
Lev Manovich
Tara McPherson
Netwurker Mez
Nick Montfort
Lisa Nakamura
Jessica Pressman
Amit Ray
Roopika Risam
Arielle Schesinger
Jacqueline Wernimont
Ben Wiedermann
Roger Whitson
Mark Wolff

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