First USC Seminar to use Critical Code Studies


This semester, for the first time, USC has offered GSEM-110G Seminar in the Arts (Digital Literature), an introductory course for first-year students teaching them foundations in Critical Code Studies in the service of analyzing electronic literature.

The course, taught by HaCCS Lab Director Mark Marino, presents students with an overview of genres and the field of e-lit along with methods for analyzing it.  In addition to presenting traditional means of literary analysis, the course demonstrates some of the basic techniques of Critical Code Studies and highlights ways to use them when analyzing a digital literary text.

The course had no prerequisites in programming, so it includes explanations of code in a variety of objects.  In the course, students also use code to make poetry generators, interactive fiction, and other forms of electronic literature.

The HaCCS Lab is developing future courses and units for course in CCS.

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