Jesse Vigil visits the E-Lit Reading Group

E-Lit Monthly Reading Group
Tuesday, 2pm, Dec. 4th, English Dept. Conference Room

Jesse Vigil

Jesse Vigil and the Klaxo box

On Tuesday, we received a visit from artist Jesse Vigil who offered us a demo of the Klaxo Radio Hour, his “audio escape room,” recently featured at Indiecade 2018 as one of the nominees.  Jesse co-created the game with Martzi Campos.  Both teach at USC in the Interactive division.

After the demo, Jesse gave us some insights into how they created the piece, a sense of the aesthetic influences, and some hints as to where they were headed next!

Here’s his bio:

Jesse Vigil is an award-winning writer, filmmaker, game designer, and serial entrepreneur. He is the co-founder of DTLA creative studio Psychic Bunny, and the former CEO of the pioneering indie game publisher Codename:Games. His work has appeared in print, in major online publications, at festivals around the country, in theaters, on consoles, and even once in a Las Vegas Casino. Jesse‘s work in interactive fiction includes early work in spherical storytelling, the Webby award-winning Re:Active comics manifesto, the pioneering audio adventure game FREEQ, and the tabletop RPG/radio drama hybrid Champions of the Earth. His recent work includes immersive theater/Augemented Reality hybrid games, the award-winning Alternate Reality Game “Reality Ends Here” and the 2018 IndieCade nominee The Klaxo Radio Hour.

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