Guest Poet: Jeremy Hight (Oct. 3, 2pm)

Jeremy_hightThe HaCCS Lab is proud to sponsor a guest visit from locative media pioneer, Jeremy Hight! He will be visiting the Monthly E-Lit Reading Group, presenting works and talking about the magic of making electronic literature.

jeremy_hight_bookJeremy Hight

October 3, 2pm

420 Taper Hall (Ide Commons Room)

I am the Ghost Here

Jeremy Hight has an MFA in Creative Writing from Cal Arts.  He co-created the early Locative Narrative work 34 North 118 West and the code edited text and image work “Carrizo Parkfield Diaries.”  He collaborated with Mark Skwarek and created Augmented Reality poetry and poetics. He is currently making poems from random gifs people post on Facebook, a novel and several collaborative e-lit and text and image projects.  He has published two books of experimental prose. The first (I Am The Ghost Here)  is a collection of literary fiction and noir composed from elements of social media. The second (What Remains)  is a collection of short stories written by watching famous sci films and taking out all the main sci fi and telling tales from whatever was left over. He has a book coming out soon of poems composed from the incompletion of memories in recall. He lives with his soul mate Lisa and his awesome cat Samson.

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