CCSWG16 Week 1 Round-up

Week 1: 
Our Code Literacy week was led by Chris Lindgren, Sneha Veeragoudar Harrell, and Annette Vee. Chris began the week by asking us to examine three related texts and to try to read the code, reflecting on the limits of the code alone for an understanding of its development. Lindgren asked among other questions what context gets obscured in code? Sneha discussed her work bringing coding skills to marginalized groups and asked us to reflect on coding as a form of agency.  Annette extended those questions by asking what knowledge of coding was necessary for our participation in a democratic society. Ben Grosser, Hayley Steele, Judy Malloy, Gregory Bringman, and Clarissa Lee also contributed to the week’s discussion.  It’s not too late for you to join this discussion, too!
The Code Critiques launched this week were:
Recreating the 1990 GW-BASIC version of its name was Penelope by Judy Malloy
Alliance LARP rule set: Code that Runs on Humans? by Hayley Steele
Every Javascript Variable from by Jeff Thompson
Reddit’s Hot Sort by Dylan De Jong
Week 2: 
David Berry is leading us through an exploration of Joseph Weizenbaum’s ELIZA/DOCTOR ported into BASIC. Please, join us in this collaborative annotation which we will pick up again in Week 4.

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